About Christie Bergman


Since I began my real estate career in 2007 I have been looking for innovative ways to serve my clients . The traditional model of real estate has been evolving and I couldn't be more excited to be a leader in this exciting time . Success in real estate for me has always begun and ended with serving my clients first , period .This mindset has allowed me to produce extraordinary results and become a TOP AGENT in my brokerage consistently year after year. I am beyond grateful for each and everyone of my clients and being part of their journey of finding HOME.

I love spending time with my family, my husband Rob and our hockey player Nate and our ballerina Rowyn. We are passionate about travel( we really miss this) and have travelled throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa and have camped all around Alberta. We recently fell in love with Pigeon Lake and have a place there for the summers, we love it ! 

Real Estate has become a family business (obsession) you can often find the four of us looking at new investment opportunities or working on one of our rental properties.Real Estate has been a financial game changer for us and we are always happy to share or story and help families succeed.