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Thinking About Real Estate As An Investment?

Historically, real estate has always been a rising commodity. As an avid real estate investor myself, I can not think of a better investment. A second home to rent out, a duplex, or small apartment building can all be great opportunities to generate financial freedom for yourself and your family, if you understand the financial commitments involved and the maintenance required to keep a property's value at a peak level.

My husband and I are proud to offer personalized service. Rob has been managing our own portfolio successfully for 7 years, he is always a phone call away to answer all your landlording questions.  The market and economy are consistently changing and we are committed to staying up to date!

I can help you understand:
  • CASHFLOW and why this is critical and the most IMPORTANT
  • The legalities involved in owning an Edmonton investment property.
  • The market analysis for each property you are considering.
  • Tips for realizing the greatest long and short term gain on your investment.
  • Ongoing investor support. 
  • Answers to any other question you might have!
If you have questions about investing in the Edmonton real estate market or are ready to begin your search for an investment property, contact Christie at 780-478-5478 or fill out the form below.

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